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The Warehouse Floor Environment
Top Team UK understands that the warehouse and storage environment can be very demanding on the floors as they are subjected to constant traffic from vehicles, forklift trucks, pallet trucks, people and not to mention the odd oil leak here and there.

Flooring Requirements

Every flooring project is different and no more so than warehouses and storage areas. Our clients all have different requirements and it is our job to identify what is required from their floor and to offer the best solution to suite the environment.

Flooring Demands

  • A warehouse floor can be subjected to large amounts of heavy traffic such as trucks and other wheel driven mechanical devices which can all put a huge amount of stress on a floor finish.
  • Some clients require a floor finish that can withstand chemical spillages/ usage from products used in the area.
  • Warehouses generally lead directly to external areas and as such create a need for anti-slip flooring generally around this point of entry/ exit area of the building.
  • Some warehouses require an anti-static finish especially where highly flammable products are stored to help reduce the possibility of sparks being produced.

Common Flooring Solutions
The most common form of preparation is by diamond grinding or shot blasting and possible decreasing if required, Top Team offer a full range of preparation methods to suite your requirements. There are many flooring solutions which are used when coating a warehouse, some of which are the application of a clear seal coat/s, coloured coating systems, self-levelling systems, anti-static systems most of which offer good chemical and mechanical resistance.

Warehouse Floor Repair Work
Top Team can provide a repair service for existing damaged floors in areas of high demand. Maybe a pot hole has been created over time and the forklift truck keeps bouncing every time it drives over it or we can rebuild existing expansion joints where required.

Warehouse Safety Line Marking
We can install demarcation lines, floor signage and reinstate walkways to help provide a safer working environment for your employees and visitors.


If you would like to find out more about what Top Team UK can offer you and your warehouse floor then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Previous Warehouse Projects
Top Team has been involved in many warehouse flooring projects over the years and here are a couple of images of previous work for you to take a look at:

Internal warehouse
Internal warehouse flooring project

Bunded area for chemical storage
Bunded warehouse

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